7 tips from Dr. Ping Increase the fun of eating clean and not get bored.

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7 tips from Dr. Ping Increase the fun of eating clean and not get bored.

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It is believed that many girls are slotxo happy and enjoy eating clean food each day. But I cannot deny that the girls Another group may eat clean with reluctance. But still persist to eat for good health Today we bring you 7 tips that will increase the fun of eating clean. Which is a secret from Dr. Ping, Dr.Thida Kan Rujipattanakun from Pleasehealth Books page to share with the girls Have applied Let's see how each method must be done.

1. Betrayal
Learn the principles of healthy eating to understand. And apply it in the way we like Or according to the ingredients available in the house Do not have to be precise according to the textbook Eating clean will not be boring.

2. Eat International
Eating clean doesn't mean you have to eat salad, flax seeds, or tofu. Delicious dishes like papaya salad, yum yum, boiled eggs, eggplant and grilled fish can be considered clean food. As well as other clean national dishes such as India, Peru, Laos, Japan and many more that are inviting to try.

3. Make your own food
Cooking, clean, eat yourself It will help us enjoy eating clean rather than ordering clean food to eat. And also save more money

4. You can fall apart without feeling guilty.
Don't make eating clean a stressful matter in your life. If there is a day that must be fun to party Or would like to drop some Then come off with fun Once full, then start cleaning again.

5. Find an ideal partner
Having to work together, helping to eat clean, enjoy and join together (when craving fat food) will make eating more clean possible.

6. Observe the changes made to the body.
After eating good food for a while, you will notice a sagging belly. Brighten facial skin Reduced body odor And more energy These positive changes Will help to keep us wanting to eat clean

7.Find a reason to eat
If you eat, clean or take care of your health Just because other people told me to do it Or follow others It's hard for that change to be permanent. But if the reason is Doing to make yourself healthier Do it because you love yourself That will be an inspiration that will remain forever.

Although eating clean will make the girls Must endure the temptation of various sweet and savory foods How much But trying to adjust your perspective or adapt the idea of ​​clean eating to fit in your own context. It will help to enjoy eating clean every day for girls who like and want to follow articles about health.

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