What are 10 factors that affect the immune system? Must check it out!

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What are 10 factors that affect the immune system? Must check it out!

Post by jiraporn66 » Wed Apr 21, 2021 5:51 am


Have you ever wondered ทางเข้าxo how many symptoms That happens to the body, such as tiredness, fatigue, nasal congestion, cough, sneezing, hypersensitivity, frequent colds, chronic diarrhea, loss of appetite, slow-healing wounds, feeling of wanting to sleep all the time. Including the occurrence of skin symptoms Is the symptom caused by any cause, which, if the girls have the symptoms mentioned above You can first suspect abnormalities that occur with the immune system in the body. Because these symptoms are caused by various causes That causes immune disorders in the body itself. Let's see what the reasons are.

1. Caused by heredity
Of course, a person's first immune system was inherited from his parents. Therefore, if the parents are physically ill easily Or have a congenital disease originally, then it can be passed on to the child Especially immunodeficiency disease It can easily make your child's body unhealthy.

2. Little rest
Lean sleep or insufficient sleep time to meet the body's needs. Resulting in worsening of the system of the body Whether it is in the regeneration or repair of cells Secretion of hormones that promote growth And immune system function

3. Stress
Stress is a major factor that can easily worsen the health of the body. Because when the body is exposed to stress The hormone cortisol will be released. Resulting in inefficient immune system function

Eating food that is of no use Or too much diet Inevitably contributes to the lack of nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for the function of the immune system in the body. And it increases the risk that the body has a lower immune system as well.

5. Obesity
Did you know that the body is in obesity? Having a BMI greater than 35 will result in decreased efficiency of lung function. It also makes the immune cells responsible for finding and eliminating foreign pathogens that pass through the body to function less than usual. That poses the risk of exposing the body to more serious illnesses and conditions.

6. Eat more than sweetness.
Eating foods that are too sweet Including eating more than the amount of starchy foods that the body should receive. Contribute to the weakening of the immune system as well Especially when blood sugar levels are high Will make the virus grow more And risk causing an infection more easily

7.Drink alcohol
Alcoholic beverages can weaken the immune system. It also inevitably harms the nervous system and liver.

Due to various toxins In cigarettes has the ability to destroy lung cells. And also has the effect of reducing nutrients that are important for the body's functions. Thus affecting the immune system function in the body

9.Ignore exercise
As we all know, exercise stimulates the immune system to function normally. Along with helping the various systems In the body to work at full capacity While neglecting exercise Instead, it increases the risk of weakening the immune system easily. Causing frequent physical discomfort

10.Not keeping clean
When the body lacks sanitation care Either with oneself or the environment in which they live Inevitably causes the accumulation of pathogens And that will cause the immune system in the body to be ineffective steadily. Inevitably

When women know the cause of the immune disorders in the body already. Along with knowing the effects or symptoms Caused by the body does not have a good immune system. Will turn to focus on taking care of yourself more Whether it is in a matter of eating useful food. Full rest Cleaning and so on, so that the body has a strong immune system every day that.