4 signs of disease caused by bruises in different areas of the body

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4 signs of disease caused by bruises in different areas of the body

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Bruises on the body It is a symptom slotxo that can occur if various areas of the skin Has been severely affected, such as hitting an object or being punched and beaten, but if it was a good bruise, it happened without knowing its origin and cause. This is a bruise you need to be aware of. Because that could be a sign of a serious disease Let's take a closer look at what diseases can be identified with the bruise you have.

1. Hemophilia
It is a disease caused by a lack of protein for blood clotting. This causes the bleeding to flow easily and does not stop, where the presence of blood bruises in various areas of the body may be a major factor from this disease. Therefore, in order to gain the most confidence Should see a doctor for diagnosis And perform treatment at the point that

2. Leukemia (Leukemia)
Leukemia (leukemia) is a disease that can be noticed by bruises on the body if bruises appear on the body and the bruises do not fade. It is likely that it may be caused by the larva of white blood cells within the body. Does not generate red blood cells As well as squeezing the bone marrow It makes the bone marrow unable to make blood cells and platelets. As a result, the body is pale, easily bleeding and bruising on the body.

3. Blood clots
In addition to blood bruises indicating various diseases, another condition that is considered to be Thromboembolism within a blood vessel If found such marks for unknown reasons And that mark does not disappear within a week and also has swelling in the legs And also pressurize It may be likely that Such marks can be caused by thromboembolism.

4. Bleeding under the skin
This condition is caused by bleeding in the area under the skin. This is because there is an abnormality in the system of hemostasis in the body. The bruise caused by this condition will look like a pressed bruise and will not heal, the bruise has the shape of a hard kidney, palpable and may have joint swelling. Headaches Which, if found to be more severe Should see a doctor urgently

These diseases can happen when your body becomes abnormal. The initial symptoms that are most noticeable are Bruises in various areas of the body, if a bruise is found An abnormal blood bruise The origin and why is unknown. You need to see a doctor urgently for the correct and appropriate treatment on time. Because of some kind of bruise It may be a sign of some serious disease. That is quite severe to cause death.


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