H. Pylori, the real cause of "stomach" disease.

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H. Pylori, the real cause of "stomach" disease.

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Stomach disease It is SLOTXO GAME mainly caused by stomach acid damaging the gastric mucosa, stress, eating out of time. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages Taking certain drugs on a regular basis and another important cause is Infection with Helicobacter Pylori bacteria
If a person with H. Pylori infection is found within a shared family or eating the same food. Should be tested for infection Due to the possibility of recurrent infections as well
Gastric disease must be treated properly and continually. Because if released until chronic May lead to serious disease Especially stomach cancer
Thai people have known stomach ailments for a long time that it is caused by eating incorrectly on time. Eat spicy food And leave the stomach empty until gastric acid bites the stomach into an ulcer Have persistent abdominal pain before and after meals And symptoms will be mitigated if eating It is also a disease that is not life threatening. Therefore is often ignored Most patients will buy antacids and take them by themselves. When the symptoms improved, they were ignored. Which in fact Gastric disease must be treated properly and continually. Because if released until chronic May lead to serious disease Especially stomach cancer

Causes of stomach disease
Dr. Rawat Boon-anuwat, a gastroenterologist at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, stated that gastric disease is mainly caused by the loss of the gastric acid balance that damages the gastric mucosa. Due to eating unhealthy foods such as high-fat foods and spicy foods Including lifestyle habits such as high stress and anxiety, fasting, eating out of time, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages. Taking certain drugs on a regular basis And another major cause of this disease is another one Infection with Helicobacter Pylori bacteria, which in Thailand found People with stomach disease 90% of the bacteria are present on the lining of the stomach.

Stomach disease From H. Pylori bacteria
Helicobacter Pylori, or H. Pylori for short, is a bacterium. Living in the digestive system It is transmitted from person to person. From eating and using contaminated cooking equipment The bacteria will enter the stomach and slide into the epithelial cells of the stomach.

Many bacteria cannot normally live in the stomach. Due to being destroyed by the acid But the H.pylorite Special features Can attach itself to the stomach lining Including being able to produce more alkali to protect itself from being destroyed by the acid And inserted between the cell channels of the gastric mucosa surface Which allows this infection to live in the stomach of infected for 10 years without showing any symptoms

But if there is an acute infection or a large quantity There will be symptoms like gastric inflammation with fever, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting for a period of time and then disappear. While a small number of recipients may not have any symptoms, the infection will continue to settle in the stomach until the mucosal strength decreases. Resulting in chronic stomach inflammation or gastric ulcer Have the risk of developing stomach cancer in the end

Symptoms of H. pylorite infection
Have persistent and persistent abdominal pain under the epigastric region
Pain is often associated with meals, such as before or after meals.
There is pain, stinging and tightness.
May have nausea
If there is severe inflammation Until stomach ulcers Or the duodenum area There may be bleeding in the digestive system. Resulting in black stools Vomiting blood Or is the cause of anemia
How to detect hpilora
After the doctor took the history and physical examination May send additional tests as follows

Endoscopy to collect tissue samples in the digestive tract By inserting a device with a small camera into the mouth To examine the ulcer and stomach lining Including a biopsy to check for bacterial infection
Stool antigen test by collecting a stool sample for 4 hours to look for bacterial remains. Or protein of infection Which is as accurate as 98%
A Urea breath test where the doctor will give the patient a urea intake. Then blow to collect the breath to check the amount of ammonia increased compared to normal people. Due to H. pylorite Can convert urea to ammonia If a large increase in ammonia is found, the presence of hpylorite is present in the digestive tract. This method is also very accurate.
Treatment of H.pilorai infection
When detecting that the patient is infected with H. pylorite Your doctor will give you an antibiotic with a specific formula. Because the bacteria in the gut have a high chance of resistance The antibiotic formula is diverse. It must be used together with 2-3 drugs which must be taken continuously for 1-2 weeks according to the medication and the individual patient.

In addition, if an infected patient is found within a family living together or eating the same food. Should be tested for infection To perform treatment at the same time to prevent recurrence of the infection

Prevention of hpylorite infection
Always wash your hands Before preparing or eating
Avoid eating unclean food and drinking water. Including undercooked food
Keep cooking utensils and utensils clean.
If there are any abnormal symptoms in the digestive system Or a chronic gastritis Should see a doctor to detect the underlying cause Including the detection of H.

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