"Fat breakdown with cold" Another option for people who want to be skinny.

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"Fat breakdown with cold" Another option for people who want to be skinny.

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If you are one of those people who are slotxo concerned about their weight or the presence of excess fat on the body. And looking for a way to lose weight Including how to get rid of specific parts of fat that may not be corrected with exercise Cooling fat It is considered another interesting choice. Hello, the doctor brings this story together.

Fat breakdown with cold (CoolSculpting) How is it?
Cooling fat (CoolSculpting) was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2010 as a visible fat treatment in the under chin, under the jaw, thighs, abdomen, waist. The back fat and underneath the buttocks, also known as the "banana roll", are also FDA-approved to affect the appearance of sagging tissues by treatment. Area under the skin The cold fat burning process is not a weight loss treatment.

A study from one reputable source shows that Cooling fat It is an effective fat loss procedure. Cryolysis is a noninvasive medical procedure. That helps in removing excess fat cells from under the skin. As a noninvasive treatment There are many benefits to traditional lipid removal surgery procedures. Which the breakdown of fat with this cold It is gaining popularity in the United States by 823 percent ever.

The advantages of cold fat burning Compared with traditional liposuction
Cooling fat Will be most effective When you choose to receive treatment from an experienced doctor With proper planning and multiple treatment sessions to maximize results and reduce the risk of side effects. Which cooling fat has more benefits than traditional liposuction:

Without surgery
There is no invasion in other areas.
Do not take time to recover.
Cooling fat Does it really work?
Cryolipolysis uses a process known as "Getting rid of fat by cooling (Cryolipolysis) ”This process works by placing a roll of fat into two panels to cool the fat down to the freezing temperature.

A study from a reliable source. 2009 examined the clinical efficacy of cryosurgery services. The researchers found that Cold removal of fat It reduces the treated fat layer by up to 25% and the effect is still visible for 6 months after treatment. Dead fat cells that have been frozen And is excreted from the body through the liver within a few weeks After treatment, the results of full fat loss are revealed within 3 months. Fat breakdown with cold Often choose a treatment in many ways Body parts such as

Lower back
Side belly
In addition, the breakdown of fat by cooling. It can also help reduce the occurrence of cellulite on legs, buttocks and arms, and some people also use it to reduce excess fat under the chin. As for the cooling time, it takes about an hour to heal each part of the body. Treatment of parts Of the body requires more cooling fat-burning therapy To see results In larger areas of the body, treatment may be required more than the smaller ones.

However, when you are finished with cooling fat removal service. You can drive home immediately after treatment and return to your normal activities immediately.

Possible side effects of cold fat burning
Side effects that may arise from Cryolipolysis includes

Feeling tight in the treated area When the doctor places the fat rolls between the panels
Feeling of pain, stinging, or pain at the treated area 2 weeks after treatment Which the symptoms that occur often disappear on their own Without additional treatment
Short-term redness, swelling, bruising and sensitivity of the skin at the treatment site.
An increase in the amount of fat cells in different parts Of the treated body It is a very rare case of cold fat burning. Which still does not know the exact reason why this happened But it is more common in men than in women. Which is seen in less than 1 percent

Although it is a rare occurrence But you should be careful of the side effects that may occur. Most people who are affected will be called “Hyperlipidemia” should therefore be used with alternative fat removal methods such as traditional liposuction.

If you are considering cold fat burning You should weigh the potential benefits and the potential risks. Then try to consult a medical professional to see that Is cold fat burning right for you?

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