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Doctors in the US are 'discriminated against' by patients

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 6:02 pm
by jiraporn66

A few months ago At New York สล็อต University's Bellevue Hospital Emergency Department, Dr. Sutton Ramsey, a third-year medical student of specialty, walks into a ward. And the patient's mother asked the doctor to hurry to see her child's illness.

When Dr. Ramsey introduced himself as a doctor The patient's mother asked to meet with the chief physician. And after talking with the head doctor The patient's mother then took her son from the emergency room. By refusing treatment

The reason both Dr. Ramsey and the chief physician were rejected. Because both are African Americans Or is it black? Dr. Ramsey said he had been used by patients with the term "negro", or that patients sometimes offered food trays for storage. Because he thought that he was a cleaner, not a doctor

Another case happened in August last year. When a Korean American doctor tweeted his experience: A white nationalist patient refused treatment because he was not a white doctor.

These are all examples of how a patient is treated with a healthcare provider. But not often talked about

But experts say Often, patients seek a very specific service from a doctor. Based on gender, race, ethnicity, age, or even gender predisposition

Although no official statistics have been collected either in the government or in the private sector. But many hospitals or medical institutions are trying to create manuals and guidelines. To deal with these situations

For example, Penn State University's medical faculty has guidelines that state that patient requests for doctors will not comply with specific gender, race, ethnic or gender preferences.

But may consider a doctor's request, as the case may be Depending on the nature of the illness and the patient itself, etc.

Another example is the discrimination of the treating physician. It took place at New York University's Bellevue Hospital by Farzon A. Nahvi, a 32-year-old Iranian-American physician who was born and raised in New York City. Met with one patient who said in his face "You look like the person who should have bombed this hospital. Rather than being a doctor "and refusing to receive treatment.

Another example comes from Ashira Blazer, a black woman who is a professor of medicine at New York University, who said five years ago when she examined a patient in the emergency room who had a critical condition and had a heart attack. recurrent The male patient was skeptical because she saw that she was a black woman. And asks you to prove yourself that you can read the book By reading the results of treatment on the record sheet of the patient

However, female doctor Ashira Blazer was calm and able to use humor to help resolve the situation. By showing the patient that his situation is serious And must cooperate

Fortunately, the patient changed his mind to accept the treatment. And escaped from a critical situation She also thanked the Black Women Doctor for taking care of herself.