Environmental groups call for the ASEAN Leadership Meeting to focus on the issue. 'Plastic waste - electronic waste'

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Environmental groups call for the ASEAN Leadership Meeting to focus on the issue. 'Plastic waste - electronic waste'

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Environmental groups call for the ASEAN slotxo Leadership Meeting to focus on the issue. 'Plastic waste - electronic waste'

For decades, China has been the world's largest recipient of plastic waste exported from developed countries. China accounts for almost half of the amount of industrial waste generated in the world. And the highest at about 9 million tons in 2012

But after that, at the end of 2017, China changed its policy to stop receiving waste to reduce the pollution that follows. China's shift in attitude has led to a pathway for plastic and e-waste to Southeast Asia. The main reasons are less stringent laws and low wages.

Malaysia has replaced China as the largest importer of plastic and e-waste.

For Thailand, the amount of plastic waste received from industrialized countries to be disposed of in the country That nearly tripled between late 2017 and mid-2018, to about 100k and 50,000 tons, according to Greenpeace figures.

And in the Philippines Imports of plastic waste quadrupled, from about 1,000 tonnes to nearly 5,500 tonnes over the same period.

On this issue, Khun Chanya Atthasilp, Secretary of Greenpeace Thailand, pointed out that the shift in Chinese policy has made ASEAN countries a new global litter of plastic and electronic waste.

While some e-waste may be recycled. And may benefit the manufacturing sector in developing countries But the problem is that there is garbage that has been illegally imported or that is not properly listed. And when it is left or buried, it releases chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Greenpeace Philippines director Lea Guerrero pointed out that the export of waste from developed countries to developing countries is a matter of social and environmental injustice. Because no matter where these waste will end up It often creates problems for people in the area.

This Greenpeace official even called this a "It is illegal waste trade"

In the middle of last year Such opposition voices made some countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines Began shipping containers containing illegal or misidentified items back to the country of origin.

And while some countries of ASEAN, such as Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, are starting to wake up. Plastic waste seems to find a new destination. Is Indonesia

As a result, Greenpeace and other environmental organizations see that the ASEAN Association should be united. And called for the opportunity of the 34th Summit in Bangkok To express a standpoint to ban the import of plastic and electronic waste entirely.

The international community is seeking solutions to prevent the problem of waste from developed countries flowing to Asia.
Heng Kiah Chun, an environmental campaigner at Greenpeace Malaysia, pointed out that the issue was not specific to the United States or Canada as the country of origin. Or is it a problem only for Malaysia and the Philippines as the destination country? But it is a problem of ASEAN as a whole. Therefore, every country should show a unified attitude. And issued a statement to end the trade And imports of plastic waste from abroad immediately

Mr. Busadee Santipitak, Director-General of the Department of Information and a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Thailand as the Chair of ASEAN and the host of the meeting It is open and ready for coordination and solidarity to end the import of such plastic waste.

Khun Penchop Saetang, the director of the Ecological Restoration Foundation, warned that if ASEAN leaders focus only on economic cooperation, then the negative impact on the environment. Such problems of plastic and e-waste will soon be economically damaging.