"Wrinkles" on the face can tell the disease according to traditional Chinese medicine.

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"Wrinkles" on the face can tell the disease according to traditional Chinese medicine.

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Most girls would not be able to let the xoslot lines Aging Growing into a beautiful face Because no one wants to have wrinkles to warn about the increasing age every day. And although taking care of wrinkles is a top priority for women, but care should also be given as a priority. And take care from within Because no matter how much scrub How much cream mask But if our inner health is imperfect, then bad wrinkles will definitely show up.

Talking about the ancient science from China that states that every wrinkle on the face has a origin It is also related to the functioning of our organs and body systems. And can indicate abnormalities of the body from wrinkles on the face as well

Wrinkles between the eyebrows and the eyes
The wrinkles between the eyebrows and the eyes can reflect the "liver." Drink a lot of alcohol Or eating food with a lot of toxic residues will form two lines between the eyebrows. This indicates that the liver is already having problems. People who hang out every day often have a single deep line between the eyebrows. Indicates a danger signal That the symptoms of cirrhosis are close to asking for

"Wrinkles" on the face can tell the disease according to traditional Chinese medicine.
Forehead wrinkles
Forehead wrinkles can convey "kidneys". Try to just do your face, the wrinkles will form a transverse line on your face. If there are all three wrinkles, this is definitely bad. Because it shows that the kidneys are becoming weak If asking for reasons why the kidneys are weak You have to ask yourself and ask yourself if you ate too much dessert. Or do you like eating too spicy food? These behaviors will weaken the kidneys.

Wrinkles around the lips to under the nose
The area of ​​the lips to under the nose is the area of ​​the uterus. If there is a dark color above the lips Showing that the uterus is beginning to be weak And if there are moles or freckles in this area, then there may be symptoms of cystitis, nephritis, and uveitis.

At the same time, if there are 2 lines above the lip clearly indicating that the uterus is healthy. But if a person has abnormal hormones, the lines will gradually fade, try to observe the elders at home. That these two lines are very faded Because as we get older, the functions of various hormones tend to decline.

Wrinkles around the neck
It is very easy to see, if there are 3 diagonal lines on the neck, the hormones are imbalanced. For older people, it may be common for hormones to decrease as they get older. But for women aged 20-30 years, it may show that hormone levels are abnormal. Can make it difficult to get pregnant Need to balance hormones well

Wrinkles can indicate a lot. Like a mirror that reflects health care from within. Which part is not normal Which part is defective Can be easily reflected In addition to taking care of the facial skin to fade away the marks Don't forget to take good care of your health to reduce your chances of getting wrinkles.

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