All the mistakes of salary man in money

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All the mistakes of salary man in money

Post by jira15156 » Sat Feb 20, 2021 7:59 am


Salaryman is actually an enviable profession. One สล็อตxoวอเลท of the obvious advantages is having a certain income every month. Applying for a credit card sometimes seems easier than the average self-employed. In addition, there is a welfare of the company to support some of the illnesses.

But many salarymen make the advantages that are inferior because… themselves!

Why… salary man. Sometimes become a money man. The future?

Why… salary man. Sometimes it becomes a debt human being?

Why… salary man. Sometimes becoming human without savings?

Why… salary man. Sometimes it becomes a career that runs the risk of having no savings in the future when you retire?

These are caused by human financial management errors. And if anyone does what will be said the following Need to adjust the way of finance, now it's not too late, let's see what are the errors in the finance of the payroll.

1. Make a plan to use your future money. But don't plan to save money for the future
With the salary man making credit card easier than the general self-employed person. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first mistake that a salaryman faces is Using future money, swipe to spend on credit cards. Rather than planning to save money into a bank account

2. Easy to spend as I always think that the month will be over.
Get a new salary Salary men should be distinguished between the necessary consumption. Or more than necessary To enforce our daily spending that is excessive spending. Eating, shopping or consumer spending.

3. Using cars to elevate themselves. Than to make money
Many people started working shortly. They plan to buy their own cars to have them as others have, or even think about convenience that will be more than worth or needed. Some people decide to buy a car before buying a home. With a career, must use a car for work Or to save time to be able to have other work hours that earn more money Or, when calculated, using a car can cost more than using a public vehicle. If calculated Think of the cost-effectiveness of your vehicle before you buy a car. It's not wrong for us to decide to have a car before having a house.

4. Some monthly payments are unnecessary.
Such as a subscription to cable television that we have only watched at home for some time Or the release of a monthly mobile package for a higher price than required Some stories may seem small, but when accumulating Can become a big deal too Or some unnecessary fees, it should always be something that we have to calculate in our spending.

5. Work by yourself one way. Not looking for ways to make passive income.
Taking our money to the money Try to learn different investment channels in order to have a channel for money to work for us. Don't save money with one type of deposit. It is a risk that your money will not grow as it should.

5 important things that the salaryman An enviable career takes the basics of planning his own finances. So that we do not miss out on passion Or the little point that will make our money leak.

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