"Fibromyalgia" chronic muscle pain disease throughout the body That people are not yet known

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"Fibromyalgia" chronic muscle pain disease throughout the body That people are not yet known

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“Fibromyalgia” is a chronic muscle pain disease throughout the body. That is not much known Patients will suffer from myalgia. Getting sick all the time And there is still no way to cure it completely
What is fibromyalgia?
Teacher Pinthip Ngamjanyaporn, Department of Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology Department of Internal Medicine Provide information through the program, meet Dr. Rama that Fibromyalgia Is a disease in which the patient will have more pain than normal from disorders of neurotransmitters in the brain. Causing the patient to feel pain all over the body even though there is no any abnormalities in the muscles at all Pain interferes with the quality of life that there may be problems in life. It is mostly found in women than in men. And often found in working age Middle-aged people around the age of 30-50 years at the most.

The problem with fibromyalgia is that it is often difficult to get tested for the cause of their pain. Need to change the examination method more than 1 time because you may see the muscle department doctor first And the cause may not be found from a blood test

Causes of fibromyalgia
The exact cause of the disease is not currently known. But some studies have found that The nervous system malfunctions. The nervous system that sustains pain is overworked. Have a disorder of neurotransmitters Causing the body to feel pain without any muscle inflammation

However, fibromyalgia is more severe. From stress, both physical and mental, such as mothers preparing to give birth With stressful conditions both physically and mentally, etc., including emotional stress

Symptoms of fibromyalgia
Muscle aches Starting from a single muscle pain until it gradually spreads over 7 or more spots throughout the body

Chronic pain for more than 3 months

Easily tired

Exhaustion like not getting enough sleep


Stiff muscles

Mood swings

Can't sleep

Treatment of fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia Cannot be cured But can make the symptoms alleviate

Treatment without medication Patients should exercise such as aerobic exercise, hydro-aerobic (water exercise), adequate rest.

Drug treatment The doctor may also consider medication that reduces stress. Or do psychotherapy Use only during periods of severe symptoms, such as pain relievers, drugs that help adjust neurotransmitter levels.

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I would also really would like to listen/ see the session on TMS/PPD. My doctor calls it psychosomatic pelvic pain. Are the more here at the forum? Also some who have bladder and urethra pain?

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