"Perfume Allergy", an allergy that people with body odor do not want to be

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"Perfume Allergy", an allergy that people with body odor do not want to be

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Due to the weather in Thailand which is constantly changing Some days are stuffy Some days it gets very hot Causing our bodies to produce sweat a lot Until it makes some people start having body odor Usually most people Always choose to use a spray perfume to cover up the musty smell always. But in some cases Injected back and forth, resulting in a rash.

joker brought this article for everyone to try. They are having symptoms of perfume allergies or not, let's leave each other.

What is a "perfume allergy" symptom?

Perfume Allergy can happen when you come into contact with the spray of perfume on different areas of your body as well as inhaling the scent. Especially those with allergies And those who are originally sensitive to chemicals Because of the compound that adds aroma Or additives in some perfumes are too strong This causes the immune system to work hard, resulting in various reactions to eliminate irritants in our internal systems.

In some countries it is legal to limit the use of fragrances in a timely manner. In 2007, students from California State University Stanislaus started having Something went wrong when they inhaled the perfume from the university staff. Until he began to have headaches, nausea and unable to concentrate to continue studying. Therefore submit a request to create a policy on this issue by allowing all staff, teachers and students to refrain from wearing perfume

Physical warning signs of a perfume allergy

Substances in some fragrances We just smell it through, it may start to have an allergic reaction. Although not directly exposed, the symptoms or warning signs that are quite common are as follows.

- Difficulty in breathing
- Trouble breathing, wheezing
- Coughing
- runny nose
- slight headache To the extreme
- Irritated skin, a rash
- Causes irritation around the eyes Until it may cause red and red eyes
- nausea and vomiting
- Feeling of burning, burning skin

How to treat when you are allergic to perfume

If you realize that you have an allergic reaction already You protect yourself by avoiding the use of perfume. Or cosmetics Various skin care Containing substances of perfume mixed And may switch to using an herbal naboo Herbal lotion That gives a light fragrance From natural alternatives

Perfume allergy treatment

As for treatment, a specialized dermatologist or pharmacist may use the following methods of treatment.

1.Antihistamine drugs That may help relieve itching and irritation from allergies such as stuffy nose, hives.

2. Topical corticosteroid cream (Corticosteroid) for people with a rash on the skin.

3.Cure with blue light Your doctor may use this method to destroy bacteria that irritate the skin. And repair tissue It also reduces the immune system response.

For some, if allergy symptoms are not very strong Fragrance allergies can go away on their own within a few days. But if there is an allergy longer than that Including worsening symptoms Please get medical treatment immediately. To prevent danger Or other side effects that follow

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