'Kevin Plank' from the insolent to the best CEO


'Kevin Plank' from the insolent to the best CEO

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Under Armor owner Kevin เล่นสล็อต เวลาไหน Planck goes on to become a top-number businessman. On March 15, stocks of Under Armor, a sportswear and apparel company, jumped to $ 24.20, peaking in months after a year ago. It is only $ 7.71. At the beginning of this week, the company's stock has grown more than 36% from a year ago.

Analyst Tom Nickik sees this success because the company has implemented the right strategy and the latest product has been very successful. More famous brand ambassadors are used. This includes the expertise of the new CEO, Patrick Frisk, who recently served in 2020 More pictures, click

The man who made Under Armor got to this point was a young American named Kevin Plank. But by giving yourself the opportunity and improving yourself, you can become a business owner and the ultimate CEO.

Plank's childhood was a very difficult time. Because parents are responsible for raising 5 children, but with the loss of the father who is the pillar of the family Causing Plank, the youngest of the house, had to grit his teeth to save money to send himself to college Immediately after entering the school fence With the prank of the boys, it caused the story until the end of the future. With the fact that he is a student who does not take anywhere It also creates heroic deeds by causing drunk driving cases. Causing the university to submit a white envelope to get away from being a student

Fortunately, Plank's athletic ability caught the eye of the referee. He has great football abilities. The coaches of the University of Maryland pulled together and gave the university athletes a chance to walk on a new, brighter life.

During college, Plank sought all means to raise money for himself. He started his career as a flower delivery boy at university. And during Valentine's Day, which is the day of love, has to work twice as hard as the orders of flowers come in from early morning until the evening of the other day. And today is a very special day for him to find love with his girlfriend, Daisy Jacqueline, a young woman who has become his soul mate until today.

When to refrain from sending flowers Had to attend soccer practice every evening And the training each day was very intense, and each athlete drained their sweat all over. Plank felt uncomfortable every time, whether it was during training or in competitions. And he wasn't the only one, because all athletes felt this way.

From this point, Plank had a crush on the idea of ​​designing a special feature sportswear that the thinness of the fabric is lighter than before. Causing sweat to absorb and dry faster than before After experimenting with the purchased fabric cut into athletic clothes. Plank brought these shirts and pants for the university athletes to try out. As a result, everyone was satisfied with this sportswear. And after that, there were countless orders coming in

Under Armor, with Virgin Galactic, launches an astronaut suit and footwear on Oct. 16, 2019.Photo by Don Emmert / AFP.
After graduating from university, Plank began to form a company called Under Armor. In the early days of the trade, he had to rent a row to produce and export goods. He had to get up early to go on a tour to deliver sportswear to universities The results of the efforts are very satisfying. Because schools and universities in different states I started ordering more shirts until I was able to expand and add more equipment such as various types of sports shoes. Or women's sportswear, which is very popular

Yesterday's sales In 1996, Under Armor was only $ 17 billion, but at the present time Plank's total assets are $ 2 billion. To compete for the market share of a large number of famous sporting goods It was also recognized by Forbes Magazine in 2012 as the Best American CEO Under 40.

The Forbes business magazine argues that Kevin Plank can continue his business endlessly. It is also a new generation of businessmen who have risen from small shops. And create products by trial and error by own hands Does not rely on the prestige and richness of parents in any way

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