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Benefits of "Ginger" to strengthen the immune system.

Posted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 6:18 am
by jiraporn145

Ginger drinking stream Or foods with slotxo wallet ginger as an ingredient will sell well Because many people claim that Ginger can prevent COVID-19, but what is it really like?

Can "Ginger" help prevent COVID-19?
As COVID-19 is an emerging disease And there have not been reports of any food that prevents COVID-19, so eating to prevent COVID-19. Will be considered a bit wrong of its purpose If we want to prevent this disease The best thing to do is to eat food that is hot, cooked, clean and has vegetables at every meal, separate spoons, separate bowls, and separate things. Keep distance from others according to Social Distancing or Physical Distancing principles, based on the principle that communicable diseases are not contagious if we do not communicate with each other.

But ginger can help strengthen the immune system.
Although ginger does not help prevent disease. But there are many researches The piece said Ginger contains antioxidants (anti - oxidant) and anti-inflammatory substances. Some anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) such as Gingerol, Shogoal and Paradoal, ginger has been found to help reduce muscle aches after exercise. It also serves to prevent the growth and mutation of a wide variety of cancer cells. But it is still undergoing research at the in vitro and animal level. Further studies are still needed.

In conclusion, should you eat "ginger" or not?
The answer is edible and good. It should be eaten mainly from natural foods such as boiling ginger water instead of sweetened beverages, soft drinks or sweet tea. Where we must not add more than 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey per glass per day, or may be stir fried with different types of meat such as fried fish, ginger will get better nutritional value.

5 health benefits of "ginger", proven to be really effective.