Known as "Aflatoxin", the carcinogen found in nuts.

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Known as "Aflatoxin", the carcinogen found in nuts.

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Nuts are a very nutritious whole grain. And is unlimited2day the second important source of protein from meat It has become popular in widespread consumption, especially for those who love health. And focus on eating clean food

But did you know that the different types There are hidden dangers, including fungi and aflatoxins. Which is a toxin that is caused by fungi

With data from the journal of the Department of Medical Sciences State that the major factors affecting the growth of fungi Including the creation of toxins, aflatoxins, including temperature and humidity The ideal range is 27-43 degrees Celsius and 70-90% relative humidity, which is the environmental conditions of Thailand.

Heat resistance up to 268 degrees Celsius
Aflatoxin, first discovered in 1960, is directly related to human health. Because of severe poisoning And is classified as a carcinogen by International Association Research Cancer (IARC)

Aflatoxin Which is commonly found in agricultural products such as peanuts, corn, garlic, onions, wheat are toxic substances that can withstand heat up to 268 degrees Celsius, so ordinary cooking can not destroy the poison.

It is a toxin that can cause liver cancer.
When the body is exposed to aflatoxins it can cause seizures, difficulty breathing, liver damage, heart and brain swelling. In addition, aflatoxin type B1, which is found naturally. And the most toxic of all four types (B1, B2, G1, G2) is also a toxin that can cause liver cancer as well. The Ministry of Public Health Act 2522, therefore, requires that aflatoxin can be contaminated in food not exceeding 20 micrograms per kilogram of food.

Aflatoxin is often found in peanuts.
From past analyzes To identify mold and aflatoxins contaminated in peanut product samples such as peanuts, pistachios, macadamia, peas, almonds, cashews and chestnuts. Aflatoxin poisoning is always present with Aspergillus flavus contamination, which is one of the strains of aflatoxin that produces aflatoxin. They are found in macadamia, fried peanuts, roasted peanuts, coated peanuts, dumplings, and ground peanuts.

The World Health Organization defines aflatoxin as a very serious carcinogen. Only 1 μg can cause mutations in bacteria. And can cause cancer in laboratory animals If it has been continuously

Can be prevented by avoiding risk factors
Dr. Prawat Chantarit, Department of Infectious Diseases Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University states that those who received aflatoxin Most will have no symptoms in the early stages. Will show symptoms when the chronic is to eat food that is contaminated by fungi and then the fungus produces aflatoxin. Causing chronic liver inflammation Cirrhosis Cause liver cancer And may affect the kidney and heart system as well

However, protection against aflatoxins. Can be done as follows

Choose to buy food or dry ingredients that are in new condition. Standard packaging, mold free, clean.

Must not smell Emits a foul or damp smell

Do not keep those dry food for a long time Because it will cause the accumulation of mold

Bring those dry foods to dry in the hot sun. Because the heat from the sun will reduce the humidity

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