Many American restaurants have violated orders that prohibit customers from sitting in restaurants.

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Many American restaurants have violated orders that prohibit customers from sitting in restaurants.

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Many states in the United States today. Strict slotxo555 measures to control the COVID-19 outbreak have continued to grow after the number of infections rose by the end of last year and continued to the beginning of this year. Those measures include a ban on restaurants from opening in dining areas.

The Wall Street Journal reports that tensions over food bans and bans on selling alcohol are expanding across the country. At this time, at least six US states have taken the measure indefinitely. Including the state of Illinois California And Michigan Local governments in these states use various methods of enforcing shopkeepers, such as collecting fines. Order closure, prosecution or other penalties

However, state data suggests that an increasing number of restaurant owners take the risk of sanctions. In order for their business to survive Especially in the colder states where eating out is impossible.

Dean Pappas, owner of Glen Oak Cafe in Glen Ellyn. Illinois The restaurant, which has been open for 43 years, told the Wall Street Journal he had added temporary seats outside the store in recent months. But still open for customers to sit and dine inside the restaurant during winter Although the state of Illinois has taken a ban on eating in restaurants since November.

This shop owner said The store's sales plunged around 60% last year. Which means that there is almost no profit left But he still has to sustain the business This is in line with market research firm NPD Group, pointing out that restaurant sales in states with the most stringent outbreak control measures are in line with data from market research firm NPD Group. Decreased an average of 60% - 70% last December.

This problem does not affect only the shopkeeper. But data from the US Department of Labor show that in December. More than 372,000 restaurant and bar employees have lost their jobs, having a chain effect on the restaurant industry and the economy as a whole.

The website reported that the Chicago Office of Business and Consumer Protection (BACP) was notified that In January There are at least 12 restaurants and bars in Chicago that violate orders forcing customers to eat inside. Increased from 10 stores last month

Chicago Mayor Laurie Light Foot said Thursday: Chicago may allow customers to return to the restaurant as soon as conditions are met by the health bureau. In other words, the infection rate had to be below 6.5% for 3 days in a row, while Chicago's infection rate is over 10%.

And while the Illinois Restaurant Association is trying hard to get customers back in their restaurants, But some restaurant operators insist that they will only offer outdoor seating and delivery services. To be able to control the outbreak completely. Without having to return to close the interior of the store again

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 vaccination program And operators in many states began to see the light at the end of the tunnel As local governments in some states began allowing customers to return a limited number of restaurants in recent weeks, such as Colorado, Pennsylvania. And the state of Minnesota, etc.

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