7 taboos not to do "After meals" for good health

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7 taboos not to do "After meals" for good health

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After eating full of ทดลองเล่นเกมยิงปลา each meal There are several contraindications that should not or should be avoided. Because they can negatively affect your health, here are 7 things to avoid after meals. If you do not want to risk any illnesses from the advice of Office of the Health Promotion Foundation or Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

Don't smoke right away
Smoking is usually no good for your health. Because of the risk of causing diseases such as emphysema and cancer However, the results of expert experiments showed that Smoking after meals is equivalent to ten cigarettes at regular intervals. Which makes it more likely to get cancer as well Therefore, after eating, it is recommended not to immediately rely on smoking.

Don't drink soft drinks Or immediately eat a fruit with a lot of gas
Drinking soft drinks after eating is full of carbon dioxide, which interferes with food digestion. And eating fruit with a lot of gas after meals It is another thing that should not be done because it will cause bloating and gas in the stomach. Choose to eat easily digestible fruits such as watermelon, oranges, and avoid gassy fruits like durian.

Do not drink very strong tea right away.
Drinking very strong tea Will cause the stomach to absorb less food Causing the digestive system to work abnormally Which can cause constipation It is best to drink tea 2-3 hours after eating, and research has shown that people with iron deficiency. You may be able to avoid drinking the tea immediately after taking an iron supplement.

Don't eat too much Until having to loosen the belt or unbutton

Eat moderately and if you feel full, stop eating. Spaced food in each meal should be spaced approximately 3 hours waiting for each type of food to complete. And move from the stomach to the other first And then eat the next meal Do not eat too much, as this can lead to abdominal discomfort, heartburn, indigestion, and do not eat fussy, as this can lead to obesity.

Don't just take a shower after you're full
Many people believe that the digestive system does not work properly. Which, if wanting to take a bath Should take a shower when the food begins to digest for 1-2 hours. Shower after eating. In some people may have a blockage Or result in frequent bloating Which is not good for the body at all And frequent bloating It also results in easy bowel inflammation.

Do not exercise immediately
Exercise requires a lot of energy in the body. Which while the stomach continues to digest food Efficiency in all work, every part of the body If done at the same time like this is definitely not good Therefore, after eating, you should rest a little. And should not exercise immediately

Do not sleep immediately
Sleeping immediately after eating Will cause wind or gas in the digestive tract And cause bloating It can also cause acid reflux. Therefore, if you are going to sleep, you should have a period of more than 3 hours after eating. Or find activities that move the body, such as doing housework a little to stimulate the digestive system. And helps to burn calories

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Re: 7 taboos not to do "After meals" for good health

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7 things that should not be done "After a meal" for good health you share very well and usefully. good for health. thank you very much.

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