New understanding, "bruises", do not use "balm", do not apply again, may worsen

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New understanding, "bruises", do not use "balm", do not apply again, may worsen

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ho is suddenly bruised? Grab the balm to apply once. I understand that it does not improve symptoms.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided information that bruises were caused by The body was impacted, such as being hit, hit, and ruptured blood vessels. And expand to bring blood to the affected area A hematoma under the skin appears as bruises.
"Bruises" Do not use "balm" to apply.
When bruises occur, it should not actually be applied to the balm. Because the balm causes heat resulting in the blood vessels to expand even more Stimulate the blood to gather more The bruises get worse.
Correct first aid method When there are bruises
When pain, swelling, bruises occur, the correct first aid treatment superslot wallet will help improve symptoms. By behaving as follows
1. For the first 48 hours, use cold water. Or compress with ice 2-3 times each time 15-30 minutes.
2. After 48 hours, apply heat to 2-3 times for 15 minutes each time, the symptoms will gradually improve. And recover by itself within 2 weeks

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