7 ways to recover a dark black lip to come back to be beautiful pink With things close to you!

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7 ways to recover a dark black lip to come back to be beautiful pink With things close to you!

Post by marila » Mon Feb 22, 2021 9:41 am


Many young people would lose confidence, right? If you have to have dark lips Because any color of lipstick will be applied, it does not look as beautiful as other people Ladyissue.com I understand this problem well. Therefore, would like to introduce 7 ways to recover black and black lips to come back to be beautiful and pink again. With things nearby I can tell you that it is very easy, girls can definitely follow. Ready, let's get started.

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Drink clean water
Let's start with the easy way. Such as drinking more than 8 glasses of clean water per day because water will help make lips that used to be dry and cracked. Come back to be hydrated again

Apply lip with sunscreen.
Time to buy lip balm ladies. You should choose the one with SPF as well, because the face size, we still need to use sunscreen to prevent dullness. Lips are needed too. And not just buy it and keep it Before leaving the house, pick him up and paint a little. Do this in every I guarantee the lips will not darken.

Scrub your mouth with a toothbrush.
Lips, like any other part of our skin, need a scrub to remove dead skin cells. We recommend that women choose a soft brush. To gently scrub down All over the lips By doing just once a week For one month in a row, the mouth will definitely look healthier.

Coconut oil
Another method that is very easy to do, just touch the coconut oil a little. Then applied to the lips on a daily basis instead of lip balm The fatty acids and antioxidants in coconut oil help reduce dull skin tone. And helps to nourish dry, soft, moist lips

Honey, in addition to being used to make delicious desserts Also has the ability to help wounds Reduce various dark circles It also adds moisture as well by women applying honey to apply all over the lips and leave it for about 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. You will notice that the lips are soft. Super moist

Aloe vera
Just apply aloe vera to the lips. Wait until dry, then rinse with warm water. Doing it every day will help lips. Return to a natural pink color Because aloe vera contains Flavonoid as an antioxidant. It serves to inhibit the pigmentation in our skin itself.

Finish with a must-have refrigerator item in every home, such as lemon. Just bring lemon juice to gently massage the lips. Before going to bed, it will help shed light skin cells. Giving new skin a lighter color. And looks even more pink.

For these 7 easy, easy ways, ladies with dark lips, try to follow along. Keep doing loops I certify that I will be prepared to say goodbye to my dark lips.

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