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A truly effective solution to "large pores" as recommended by dermatologists.

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2021 11:06 pm
by jira194

A truly effective slotxo solution to "large pores" as recommended by dermatologists.
Jurairat N.

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Large pores are a common norm. Especially in people with oily skin types Many people try to find ways on the internet to find out how to make pores smaller. As well as recruiting various products They can be applied and eaten to help reduce pores, but in fact, products and other Internet-sharing methods. How effective is it? Sanok Health has the answer from Dr. Worada Chuwichien Dermatology Center, Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital (SiPH), Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital.

Why do we have large pores?
Large pores are normal, depending on the individual skin condition. (Including heredity) and is not classified as a skin disease that requires treatment at all.

Misconceptions about large pores
Many people mistakenly believe that this condition is caused by unclean washing. As a result, dirt remains in the pores, after long time entering the pores. Which is a mistake But many of you would like to have a smoother face surface. To increase confidence in socializing Many people want to make makeup easier. This is because too often cosmetics such as powder foundation settle in the pores. Makes the skin look uneven and uneven With full makeup, many people are trying to find information via social media and social media. As well as reading reviews on the Internet

Today there are many people sharing information about tightening pores. Correct enlarged pores such as video clips and reviews about bringing fruits, vegetables, egg whites, and ice to rub or mask on the face. Advertising is available through skincare reviews. Which is in the form of a serum, toner or cream that claims to help tighten pores. Often a picture is compared to each other. Before and after using those products Increase incentive to choose and buy How reliable is this information and how true is it? What is standard treatment?

Standard treatment for enlarged pores
Lasers are still the last answer at this time. With a mechanism to stimulate the creation of new collagen in the dermis To make the skin look full and smooth The doctor asked for a laser that was used to treat large follicles. Roughly into 2 groups to make it easier to understand.

The first group is a laser that after treatment. There will be a small scar. It is similar to a regular checkerboard in the treatment position.

Which will then scab Most of the time the flakes go away within a week.

Laser group Doctors will call it transliteration that the fractional laser. Side effects that can occur after treatment include post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is more common in people with darker skin than white. It is found in people who do not have adequate sun protection after laser treatment than those who wear sunscreen, put an umbrella, put on a hat, and avoid exposure to the sun. In addition, laser type selection is another factor. In terms of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation after laser surgery. It was found that erbium lasers were less likely to cause hyperpigmentation after laser treatment than carbon dioxide lasers.

The second group is laser that does not cause lesions or scabs after treatment. While receiving treatment May feel warm on the skin But did not hurt And do not have to avoid the sun after the laser surgery very much to prevent the occurrence of hyperpigmentation after inflammation, like the first laser treatment. There are many brands of lasers that fall into this category, some are activated carbon black powder. On the surface before treatment So that the charcoal powder falls into the pores And then fired a laser followed down to that area When the charcoal powder gets energy Will cause heat to accumulate at the location of the hair follicle This results in the tightening of the collagen in the skin at that location, thus the pores look smoother.

Of course, if it's a laser that causes lesions or scabs on the skin. Often the results are more pronounced than laser treatments that do not cause lesions or scabs.

However, the type of laser treatment that causes lesions or scabs. They tend to use fewer treatments.

Ointment treatment Not clear
The first dose of vitamin A, such as tretinoin, continued for several months. It is reported to stimulate the production of collagen to some extent. But it's not very clear Side effects from continued use of these drugs include burning, dry, itchy skin, which is more common in people with dry skin types.

You can see that in order to make the pores look smoother, Have to change the collagen in the dermis, so the removal of toner, water, salt, serums, vegetables, fruits, egg whites, or ice to rub on the surface. Would not solve this problem at all.

The skin area may temporarily look smoother. Due to the swelling of the skin from a mixture of irritants such as alcohol or from the body's normal reaction to physical factors. (In the case of rubbing the skin with ice), which will only effect temporarily. After just a few minutes Skin that looks swollen and tight as if the pores are more tightened, it will collapse, swelling and return to its original state

The doctor further suggested that It is not intended to blame anyone. But if you still want to try to believe the reviews And information from those social worlds Be aware of possible side effects such as irritation, burning, dryness and peeling. If those products are quite expensive Because the treatment effect is often unclear