What kind of symptoms should be "examined"

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What kind of symptoms should be "examined"

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The subject of abnormalities to the internal organs of the body It is something that we cannot see with the naked eye outside. So in many ways Time to realize that it is a dangerous and dangerous disease It may be in such a severe state that the treatment is difficult. Especially women with "internal examination" that many people do not dare to take the examination because they are embarrassed, but the internal examination is very useful Because abnormalities in the female reproductive function can be detected.

Why have to have an internal exam?
According to Samitivej Hospital, the internal organs of women are complex and closed. Which may be disturbed by external factors And result in such changes as having sex Pregnancy and birth And may also increase the risk of various diseases and disorders Within the reproductive organs as well

What kind of symptoms should be examined internally?
No matter what age you are If you have the following abnormal symptoms Should be examined immediately.

Having more or less irregular menstruation The menstrual cycle is longer than 35 days or shorter than 21 days. With blood clots, has a foul odor
Abnormal discharge, volume, color, odor Has a thick, powdery discharge Available in green or yellow And began to smell stronger
Bleeding from the vagina that is not menstrual
Pain in the lower abdomen Both during menstruation and no menstruation
A burning sensation in the vagina
Suspect a lump or palpation found on the lower abdomen
In addition, if there are no abnormal symptoms These people should also undergo an internal exam, including:

Women aged 21 years and over
Patients who have had a hysterectomy.
People who are vaccinated against HPV cervical cancer still need to have regular internal examinations and screenings for cervical cancer. Or according to the doctor's appointment
People diagnosed with an infectious disease from having sex Or other anomalies
Infertile women And women who became pregnant Including those who will start contraception
How to prepare Before the exam
Abstain from having sex Including the use of vaginal suppositories Or vaginal douching 24-48 hours before the examination
Avoiding the exam during menstruation And should wait for the menstrual cycle 2-3 days or before the next menstruation, about 1 week to come to be examined. Because the examination during menstruation will be difficult And may cause discrepancies But if there is bleeding through the vagina every day Can see a doctor for examination at all Do not wait for the blood to stop.
Should urinate completely. The doctor will be able to palpate the uterus and uterus.
Do not hide information with the doctor, such as being single, but may have sex. Methods used for birth control, abortions, or an abnormality that may be related to the reproductive system. Including a history of drug allergy

Internal examination procedures
Change into the gown provided by the hospital.
Lie on the trestle And spread the legs wide In order to be in a position suitable for examination
The doctor will start examining the external genitals. To check for any anomalies
The doctor will then insert two small flat platypus-like medical devices into the vagina. To expand to see the cervix And may be inserted deep to collect cells in the cervix For further examination of abnormalities
For those who are married The doctor may insert a finger into the vagina. And use the other hand to feel the abdomen To check whether the uterus has grown or has an abnormal lump or not
When finished The doctor will be able to report the results immediately. Except cervical cell collection to screen for cervical cancer You may have to wait about a week for results from the lab.
The benefits of internal examination
If undergoing an internal examination Will be able to find the risk of getting these diseases (Which, if not going to have an internal examination Will not know if these are diseases)

Cervical cancer
Ovarian cancer
Chocolate Cyst
Uterine fibroids
Endometriosis grows in the wrong place. Causing an enlarged uterus Pelvic fibrosis Or some people have a very pale period Resulting in menstrual cramps Including chronic lower abdominal pain

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Re: What kind of symptoms should be "examined"

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