Research shows drinking "alcohol" in the right amount. Helps the brain work better

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Research shows drinking "alcohol" in the right amount. Helps the brain work better

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A Michigan State University study slotxokisspublished June 29 in the journal JAMA of Medicine, following a sample of nearly 20,000 people and the majority of white Americans, mean 62 for 12 years, was found to drink. Low to moderate amounts of alcohol may aid brain function, especially with regard to thinking and reasoning, as well as memory. The researchers defined low and moderate drinking as being less than eight drinks per week for women and less than 15 drinks per week for men.

This study appears to support previously observed results that drinking alcohol, typically one drink per day for females and no more than two drinks per day for males, may have beneficial effects on exercise. Brain work In America, one drink means 14 grams of alcohol or 14 milliliters.

Professor Karin Ansee, director of the Center for Research on Memory in Australia, who was not involved in the study, said there is now a large amount of evidence from monitoring showing low to moderate alcohol levels. It was linked to better brain function and reduced the risk of amnesia compared to those in the non-drinking group.However, another large global study last year found that no beer was found. Or any amount of wine that is safe or good for your overall health And alcohol is a major risk factor for various ailments. This is also for the premature death of males and females aged 15 to 49 around the world.

Go back to a Michigan State University study again. The study found that the group that would not benefit the brain from alcohol was blacks. Which Master Karin Ansie, of the Center for Memory Studies in Australia, said it was likely that, in addition to socio-economic fundamentals, racial groups could benefit or suffer different health effects from alcohol. together

Neurologist Richard Isaacson, MD, founder of the Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic at New York State Medical Center, added: The important considerations about alcohol are not where and how much they drink. But when and how is it better to drink? For example, having a glass of wine with dinner might be more effective than having two glasses late at night near bedtime on an empty stomach. Because this can affect sleep quality and affect Alzheimer's risk. In this regard, Professor Karin Ansea, director of the Center for the Study of Memory, pointed out that if we are not drinking alcohol, we should not start the experiment. Because although alcohol may stimulate some brain activity, it can also increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

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