U.S. Justice Department files lawsuit against Google for violating antitrust laws

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U.S. Justice Department files lawsuit against Google for violating antitrust laws

Post by jira13578977 » Sat Feb 20, 2021 7:39 am


U.S. Department of Justice Filed a slotxogame77 lawsuit against Google Technology Company (Google) in court in Washington. For violating antitrust laws By using incumbent status, Internet search technology or search engines to extract competitors. And try to monopolize the advertising market with search results

The lawsuit against Google is one of the most significant legal action in the US tech industry in more than 20 years, now the Justice Department and the FTC's Federal Trade Commission. Check other tech companies, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook to make the same mistake.

In the past, politicians and consumer protection organizations in the US They accuse Google of using their dominance of the search engine market in the interests of extracting other competitors and increasing profits that adversely affect consumers.

President Trump has always criticized Google. Including the allegation without evidence that Google tried to intervene in the US election. By blocking search results of conservatives' views or ideas

And two years ago President Trump's economic advisor It has previously suggested that governments manipulate Internet search results through a Google search engine.

Google has yet to comment on this filing of the US federal government.

Google currently owns approximately 90% of the global internet search market. An audit report by the U.S. House of Representatives' Justice Subcommittee says Google is a monopolist for the search engine market and has sought to maintain its dominance by acquiring approximately 260 other companies over the past 20 years.

In the past three years, Google has been fined nearly $ 10 billion from the EU over a lawsuit against which Google is also accused of violating European antitrust laws.

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