What is a "back herniated disc"? Who is at risk?

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What is a "back herniated disc"? Who is at risk?

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Orthopedic pillow ทดลองเล่น Starting with back pain Then begins to walk uncomfortably Caused by lifestyle behavior Or not working properly Using too much of your back every day Can make a herniated pillow
What is a herniated disc?
Dr. Kriengsak, MD. Lek Kruasuwan Orthopedic specialists World Medical Hospital (WMC) said the disease was actually called by a number of names, including herniated discs, moving over all lines, all names. All have the same pathology

The importance of this disease is that it can happen to anyone. Both from the deterioration And from some living activities It is also the most common cause of back pain and hip fracture in the leg.

Herniated disc symptoms
The symptoms of the disease are very broad. Starting from just a normal backache Chronic back pain, hip pain, pain and leg numbness to weak legs can not walk far. In some cases, severe symptoms may make it impossible to hold urine and feces.

Treatment of a herniated disc
Treatment can do many things as well. As little as taking ordinary medicine But if it is more May require special injections or if there is a lot of nerve compression. May even need surgery

Pathology is that the herniated body consists of a medial part. Called the nucleus And the tissue that surrounds it when exerted by the degenerative herniated disc May cause the herniated disc to move or the slit to the back Press on a nerve Cause such symptoms

The herniated disc normally supports the weight of the body and is the carrier of flexibility. While there is a bend and twist of the spine Therefore, its function is quite important and it has to work every day without rest. When it works every day Therefore there was a deterioration Coinciding with active risky activities Make the herniated pillow finally

5 Risks of herniated disc

Activities that require lifting, bending, tilting, turning the waist or back All make the herniated disc to work hard If the pillow cannot support the weight Will move or move

Heavy body weight Increase the chance of having a herniated disc

Risky occupations, such as stooping, lifting, bearing pressure or twisting, all create a force on the herniated disc

Cigarettes reduce the oxygen supply to the herniated disc. Weaken

Heredity does not greatly increase your risk, but there are
Will see that there is only a small cause The only cause was unavoidable. That is heredity As for other important causes All avoid Or be careful at all After we know the cause It's not difficult to avoid and prevent. Doctor stresses a lot because prevention. It is one of the best treatments.

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