Rumor: Amazon is developing a radar to detect sleep apnea!

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Rumor: Amazon is developing a radar to detect sleep apnea!

Post by limited » Mon Jan 11, 2021 3:28 am


According to Business Insider's report, Amazon is now developing the device. Alexa-powered That can be tracked And detect sleep apnea with radar

With a device that is designed to be the size of a palm Can be placed at the bedside table. Alexa-powered uses a millimeter-wave radar to detect your breathing while you sleep. Therefore can help detect sleep apnea conditions

The method of using radar to detect sleep is not new. And famous companies At least one facility has tried to commercialize the technology. Back in 2104, Nintendo announced a slotxo wearable radio frequency sleep sensing device. But 2 years later, Nintendo came out to mention the uncertainty of the device. And did not sell that device Plus, last month, OnePlus announced a new concept phone that uses a breathing-monitoring mmWave radar.

Amazon's project was developed under the code "Brahms," now the prototype shape is a hexagonal plate connected to a metal wire base, Business Insider said, in addition to sleep apnea, Amazon plans to Use technology machine-learning and the cloud to better understand other sleep disorders besides sleep apnea.

An Amazon spokesperson told The Verge that the company had no comment on the rumors. And various speculations now

But if that's the case, this will be the latest in a push of Amazon's health technology, and we may soon see Amazon's sleep detector go on sale.

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