Fierce bullfighter - two old rivals and new foes: COVID-19

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Fierce bullfighter - two old rivals and new foes: COVID-19

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Bullfighting, a fighting activity between slotxo Matador, or bull fighters who flaunt red flags to lure a half-ton heavy bull to chase. Many would call it a game rather than a sport because it often ends up being killed by a bull, facing a new and terrifying enemy. Because of the new coronavirus, many bullfights in Spain have been shut down.

Bullfighting has been a tradition, or perhaps part of Spain's national culture, for hundreds of years. But the threat of COVID-19 In addition to having an effect on bullfighting The famous bull running event in the Spanish city of Pamplona, ​​which attracted tens of thousands of tourists from around the world in July every year, was also canceled.

Cayetano Riverra is one of Spain's top bullfighters who believe the national activity is under threat. He is among the people who see the Spanish government taking less help in bullfighting compared to other entertainment activities such as music or performance. And that bullfights deserve more attention, because in addition to reflecting Spain's cultural prominence, the sport is of economic importance. According to the bullfighting association Bullfighting helps employ some 54,000 jobs and generate nearly $ 4.4 billion in economic output annually, or about 1% of Spain's GDP.

However, the popularity of bullfighting in Spain has started to decline since 2008, as many local governments cut budgets that previously supported the activity. And a number of Spanish regional governments have also tried to ban bullfighting after more protests were seen as cruelty to animals.

A recent survey shows that 47% of Spaniards now support a complete ban on bullfighting, while 38% disagree with the severity of bullfighting, but don't want it. ban And only about 19% want it to continue This can be seen from the number of bullfights in Spain falling from 3,650 per year in 2007 to 1,520 in 2018.

Victorino Martin, president of the Spanish bullfighting association, said that COVID-19 And the lock-down measure has cost the business around $ 770 million and some cattle ranchers have suffered damage to the point where they have to kill 400 bison to fight.

However, stakeholders and supporters of the bullfighting event try to call on the government to help embrace this important tradition. But a changing world, including the dangers of COVID-19 The more aggravated it may make enough to know the results in advance that In a fighting game, bet the life between a bullfighter and a bull. The real winner may not even be on the pitch.