Take a look at Migingo Island, the most crowded island in the world!

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Take a look at Migingo Island, the most crowded island in the world!

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For many people, if it comes to visiting the island. Would think of beautiful beaches, beautiful sea that stretches to the horizon Island-hopping and ocean-going always gives you a feeling of freedom. But these definitions do not apply to Migingo Island superslot wallet on Lake Victoria, Kenya, it is known as the most crowded island in the world!
Located between the Kenya and Uganda border, Migingo Island is approximately 2,000 square meters, or half the size of a football field. This is a fishing village that used to be a disputed area between Kenya and Uganda for holding the island's rights. But nowadays, both countries can agree to a contract to live together in peace.
The island is filled with houses of fishermen who have settled on the island to make a living by sailing out for seafood. Which is due to the fact that the island is very small but has a dense population Therefore, each house was planted closely together until viewed from a high angle like an island covered with iron. It is the origin of the eponymous iron clad island (Iron Clad Island) that many people call this island.
The congestion on this island is considered to be the most congested in the world. According to the survey, the inhabitants of the island are as high as 1,000 people compared to the island's size. I must say that there is a very high congestion. But the people of the island still can live normally Considered to be a strange thing in this world that is definitely not like anywhere else in the world.

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