6 benefits of eating yogurt before bed Tell me better than any other girl ever knew.

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6 benefits of eating yogurt before bed Tell me better than any other girl ever knew.

Post by jira774 » Wed Mar 31, 2021 7:55 am


Believe it or not, eating yogurt will slotxo not only help in terms of weight loss only. Especially eating yogurt before bed. This results in a wide variety of health benefits for the body. Today we have gathered 6 benefits from eating yogurt before going to bed to share with the girls.Let's see in what ways each benefit meets the needs of the girls.

1. Fall asleep
The benefits in this article are suitable for women. With sleep problems Especially those who are adjusting their sleep schedule to be on time. Recommend to eat yogurt before going to bed. Because yogurt contains milk Therefore, it contains tryptophan. To help promote a feeling of lethargy. In addition, tryptophan stimulates the secretion of serotonin. Which is a substance that helps the body feel relaxed It makes it easy to sleepy, too.


2. Help control weight
When girls eat yogurt before bed. It will help in relieving hunger in the middle of the night well. Because yogurt is rich in protein. Thus making the body feel full for a long time It is also a low-calorie food. It is suitable for those who are in the period of good weight control. However, you should choose to eat yogurt that is low in fat and low in sugar. Which is recommended to eat yogurt, natural flavor will help meet the most needs.

3. Strengthen the muscles
While the body is asleep The process of strengthening and restoring the wear parts started working. And eating yogurt before going to bed It is considered to supplement protein for the body to be able to pull in to strengthen the muscles. It also helps restore damaged muscles.

4. Stimulate the digestive system
Yogurt is rich in probiotics. Which are bacteria that are good for the intestines and digestive system It is also a bacteria that stimulates the digestive system. Including the digestive system to work better Probiotics also help to balance the microflora in the gut. Make the body healthy

5. Body detox
Of course, when the body excrete well. The intestines have been detoxed in the body. Positively affects the absorption of nutrients Especially with girls That often have symptoms of abdominal discomfort or difficulty passing It can solve these problems by eating yogurt. Because probiotics help balance the digestive and excretory systems as well.

6. Substitute drinking milk before bedtime.
For those who are allergic to milk proteins or the body cannot digest lactose from milk. You can eat yogurt instead of drinking milk before bedtime as well. This is because the lactic acid and bacteria present in yogurt reduce the amount of lactose that comes from milk. Therefore, people with milk allergy can eat yogurt without any side effects.

Eating yogurt properly is always good for the body. Because the body will be able to benefit from the nutrients contained in the yogurt fully. The most important thing is to eat it in conjunction with all 5 food groups and drink a lot of water. Along with regular exercise, it is very good for your health.

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Re: 6 benefits of eating yogurt before bed Tell me better than any other girl ever knew.

Post by ducklife » Tue Apr 06, 2021 7:24 am

Thanks for letting us know about the 6 benefits of eating yogurt before bed. I will note these and learn.
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