Did you know? "Wake up faster" has a positive effect on the work.

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Did you know? "Wake up faster" has a positive effect on the work.

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Getting up early seems to be aเกมยิงปลาออนไลน์ hindrance for all working people. Because it is difficult to wake up alone to work for some people. But did you know that waking up faster is good for work? In which people who are successful or do good jobs They tend to make good use of the morning after waking up. And this is the reason to change your mindset to wake up earlier!

Exercise to increase agility

Morning is the best time to exercise. When you wake up faster, you will have plenty of time to exercise before going to work. Just 20 minutes a day, it will add energy to the body. Helps clear the brain because exercise helps improve blood circulation. And also reduce the tension Resulting to work more efficiently

Had breakfast Help strengthen memory

Many people tend to neglect eating breakfast. Because he had to hurry to go to work until he did not have time Both breakfast is the most important meal and should not be overlooked. Which has been found to research that eating breakfast helps to strengthen the memory system. And learning skills to get better When the brain is working hard, it becomes more focused on work. While those who starve breakfast This will lead to lack of enthusiasm, poor memory, and the risk of dementia.

Wake up faster, have time to allocate your work life.

Just waking up 1 hour a day faster than before will give you 15 more days a year, which means waking up before others makes you one step ahead of others when you have time. More, it will help make allocation of work life easier. Because there is time to plan the work systematically before the time to attend the event Which reaching the office before everyone else Also makes it possible to concentrate on thinking about various tasks Easier with

The brain drives better to create jobs.

Early risers often say in one voice that creativity and inspiration in doing things Their are more early in the morning. When the brain runs, it will create better results. Which during reaching the office in the morning The body and brain are most active. Therefore suitable for work that requires a lot of concentration Or important events That need to make decisions

How to wake up early every day?

After knowing a good reason Of waking up early in the morning that it is good for work Let's take a look at some ways to wake up early every day, how to achieve sustainable results and be able to do it into a daily routine.

Wake up at the same time every day.

If you want to get up early to become a habit The first thing you should do is wake up at the same time every day. Not sparing even on weekends Because research has found that waking up at the same time every day is the best way to automatically wake up at that time. This is to adjust the biological clock (Biological Clock) or the life clock in the body to balance.

Not playing electronic devices before bed

In order to have quality sleep Electronic devices, such as smartphones, should be turned off at least an hour before bed, as studies show that blue light can make the body more alert and interfere with sleep than other types of light. And it also affects the secretion of melatonin that makes us feel sleepy.

Put your mobile phone or alarm clock far away.

A simple way to force yourself to wake up easier. Is to place an alarm clock or a mobile phone set the alarm time far away To force you to get out of bed, turn off the alarm clock sound. Which moving the body will help the body wake up more easily And putting your phone close It made many people used to press Snooze and snooze the alarm.

After waking up, drink water right away.

Before going to bed, put a water bottle at the head of the bed. To be picked up to drink immediately after waking up Which drinking water not only helps to balance the body and stimulates the brain to function well. And only refreshes But also gives us the energy to start the day And also stimulates the metabolic system as well

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