NASA sent a probe Persaverance successfully landed on Mars

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NASA sent a probe Persaverance successfully landed on Mars

Post by jiraporn66 » Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:45 am


The US Space Agency's slotxo Perseverance probe, or NASA, landed on the Martian surface at 3:55 p.m. Thursday in Washington time. It is another important achievement for NASA.

The nuclear-powered probe was launched from a spacecraft in orbit around Mars. Before landing safely on the Martian surface It was in the joy of NASA officials who had fixed this mission on earth through video cameras and microphones attached to the probe.

So far, NASA has successfully sent 9 out of 10 probes on Mars.

Perseverance ship and his companion The Ingenuity helicopter drone began its departure from Earth in July.Ingenuity will monitor the overall atmosphere of Mars, and the car-sized Perseverance with six wheels will head to the Jezero Crater. Which is believed to have been a lake before And may have traces of primeval life appearing

The duo's two-year mission is to prove that Has Mars once lived or not? Rock and soil samples from this planet will be collected back to Earth. NASA plans to send a next generation of probes to Mars in the next 10 years.